nubou uematsu earthbound papas cf 2017-1

Holy Cow! Earthbound Papas are going to perform at Comic Fiesta 2017 and they’re bringing along composer Nobuo Uematsu for their first ever Malaysian performance!

If you’re not familiar with them, Earthbound Papas are a progressive Japanese rock/metal band, and they’re most known for performing music from the Final Fantasy series. Nobuo Uematsu formed this new band after his previous one The Black Mages was disbanded.

Uematsu himself is well known for composing a large amount of music for the Final Fantasy series, and is pretty much the man responsible for almost all the tunes we know and love.

They will be performing on CF Day 1 (16 December) and tickets start at RM 50.

Don’t forget to grab your Comic Fiesta 2017 tickets at their pre-sale at AniMangaki 2017 this weekend, official ticket sales begin 15 September.