pokemon go

Following the landslide success of Pokemon Go and a ridiculous stock price jump for Nintendo, Hollywood moviemakers have begun scrambling to get a deal to make Pokemon into a feature film. And it looks like Legendary Pictures is pushing for one.

Pokemon has been popular for the longest time, with games popping up every other year and a variety of animated movies and series cropping up with each new generation of Pokemon. With Pokemon Go launching last week, the franchise has gotten a massive 2nd wind with trainers worldwide chasing down the not-so-elusive virtual pocket monsters.

No deals have been sealed yet, and Legendary and the Pokemon Company USA is keeping mum about any details but this could be the biggest game-to-movie rights deal ever.

Legendary isn’t a stranger to movies based on video games either, having released the live-action Warcraft movie just a little bit back.

So what might this movie be like? there’s no telling at the moment but we hope it won’t just be a rehash of one of the previous Pokemon animated movies.

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