The Warcraft movie is coming, and to kick start the hype train Legendary Pictures and Blizzard have revealed a little teaser to get us all going.

The movie, which is set to hit theaters 10 June next year, has apparently been eight years in the making, and will feature the strife between the human and orc legions in a tale not before spun. Those who are familiar with Blizzard’s Warcraft franchise probably won’t want to skip this.

Travis Kimmel will be portraying knight Sir Anduin Lothar while Tony Kebbell will be orc chieftain Durotan, both main leads for their respective factions. Writer/director Duncan Jones (Moon, Source Code) stressed that the film is not making the humans the heroes of the story or vice versa, rather, the story is providing insights into the war from both sides. The heroes and villains are everywhere in both sides of the conflict, perhaps the story is going for realistic shades of grey here.

They also added that this Friday, a longer version of the trailer will be released so expect an update from us when it comes along.

Check it out below: