If you asked me 24 hours ago what I think Fox should do with their Fantastic Four characters, which includes Doctor Doom, I would have immediately said, “Give it back to MARVEL-STUDIOS, right now!” But, a lot can change in 24 hours. 

It was announced at the San Diego Comic Con that Noah Hawley – Legion and Fargo showrunner – will be developing a Doctor Doom movie for Fox. If you’ve not caught Legion, go check it out now! It is one of the most creative comic book adaptations of all time. The fact that it got completely snubbed at the Emmy’s is a joke.

According to Birth Movies Death, Noah Hawley had this to say at the Legion panel at Ballroom 20:

I’m developing a movie at Fox, and I’ll just say two words to you guys: Doctor. Doom.

Guys, I love this idea! The Fox Comic Book Universe (let’s just call it that), have for the most part been hit and miss. For every X2: X-Men United, there is an X-Men: The Last Stand. Not to mention, all three Fantastic Four movies have been absolute trash. But over the past couple of years, it seems like Fox has gotten their sh*t together and have offered some of the most creative, unorthodox comic book adaptations in recent memory, both on the big screen and small. Deadpool is a comedic masterpiece while Logan, a brilliant western-drama. And Legion is experimental and artsy. It is adaptations like these that make the Fox Comic Book Universe stand on its own. They don’t need to compete with the DCEU and MCU. They can be different. Fox can and should continue to reinvent the genre one adaptation at a time.

Hey, you! Yes you, hot stuff. Have you seen Legion? Do you like it? Do you think Doctor Doom (and the Fantastic Four) should be shipped back to Marvel, or do you think it should stay at FOX? Leave a comment below and let me know whatchu think. And, don’t forget to share this article with your buds. Also, follow me on my social media accounts for more ridiculousness.