LEGO has revealed the new sets coming for LEGO Dimensions Series 2, with a handful of new sets based on popular series for you to collect.

Here are just a few of them, featuring stuff from Adventure Time, Ghostbusters (2016), Harry Potter, Mission Impossible and A-Team. Check them out below!

Ghostbusters Story Pack

lego dimensions S2_2Includes Abby Yates, the Ecto-1 and Zhu’s Chinese Restaurant location.

Harry Potter Team Pack
lego dimensions S2_6

Includes the Hogwarts Express, Weasleys’ Enchanted Car as well as Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort.

Adventure Time Level Packlego dimensions S2_4

Includes Finn the Human, Ancient War Elephant and Jakemobile.

Adventure Time Team Pack

lego dimensions S2_5jpg

Come with BMO, Jake the Dog, Lumpy Space Princess and Lumpy Car.

Mission Impossible Level Packlego dimensions S2_7


Includes Ethan Hunt, IMF Scrambler and IMF Sport Car.

A-Team Fun Packlego dimensions S2_8

Comes with B.A Baracus and B.A’s Van.

So what do you think about the new sets? let us know in the comments!