The LEGO ideas program allows fans to design and submit their own builds. Once the design is submitted, the community will then get a chance to vote and projects that receive more than 10 000 votes will be given the thumbs up to be reviewed by the LEGO Review Board. And if the project is approved, the build will then officially go into production. Recently, a Filipino software architect residing in Malaysia named Leandro Tayag designed a Voltron LEGO set.

This Voltron: Defender of the Universe build will include five individual lion-shaped robots that can be connected to form Voltron. This build is inspired by the original Voltron series that ran in the mid-80s and will not like the modern day Voltron that’s currently airing on Netflix.

In an interview with LEGO Ideas, Tayag claimed that designing the lions’ head was the most challenging aspect.

The challenging part was getting the details right. I can’t remember how many times I redesigned the lion heads trying to make them look as close as possible to how they were in the anime/cartoon. The lion legs were also a pain since I had to make sure they are able to fold nicely when combined as Voltron as well as look good enough in their lion forms.

This Voltron build has over 2100 individual LEGO pieces.

The release date for this product is yet to be announced.