LEGO star wars the force awakens

Are you guys ready for a brand new Star Wars LEGO game? the plastic brick edition of The Force Awakens is heading our way this June. Trailer inside!

Creating franchised games in their own LEGO style is nothing new for the brand, having taken the Harry Potter, Star Wars, Marvel and Jurassic Park series of games (to only name a few!) and made them go blocky.

According to a listing on the Xbox Store, the game is coming on 28 June, with the trailer being spotted as one of the ads running on YouTube. You will get to revisit several locations of the movie, and get to play as characters from the new film, including Rey, Finn and Poe.

The game will probably follow a similar formula to what they have in the past; with the game having a free-roam and story mode where you can unlock characters as you go.

The previous LEGO Star Wars games did really well in the past, so we’re pretty sure this one will do too.