Lego‘s immortalizing a handful of Nasa’s finest ladyfolk in a brand new 231 piece set.

The Women of Nasa set will include pioneers like astronauts Sally Ride and Mae Jemison, as well as astronomer and “Mother of the Hubble Telescope” Nancy Grace Roman, and computer scientist Margaret Hamilton. Plans were to also include Katerine Johnson (whose story is told in Hidden Figures) but she declined to participate.

Originally proposed by MIT’s Maia Weinstock, the project spotlights a fantastic group of women who have made seminal contributions to NASA history. She further added that “My dream would be to know that the first human on Mars — or an engineer or computer scientist who helped her get there — played with the LEGO Women of NASA as a child and was inspired to pursue a STEM career as a result.”

The set is due 1 November 2017.