Lenovo is kicking off the end of the year with the massive launch of their MyLENOVOtainment strategy; bringing MyLENOVOMusic, MyLENOVOMovie and MyLENOVOGaming to the Malaysian masses.

The launch also includes the announcement of a new YOGA notebook, gaming All-in-One as well as new accessories.

MyLENOVOtainment is a nutshell is aimed to appeal to users of all interests; be it a gamer, everday worker on the go to tech enthusiasts, enhancing the lives of all with the tech they need.

lenovo miix 700

Of the devices launched today are the YOGA 900, YOGA TAB 3 8″, YOGA Tab 3 Pro for the YOGA series of devices, the ideapad Y700, ideacentre Y900 for their gaming line. Also launched were the ideapad 100S, ideapad 500 (Z51), ideacentre AIO 700 and finally the ideacenter AIO 300 for their compact AIOs. And that’s not even the end of it, they’ve produced a new phablet and tablet as well, the Lenovo PHAB and MIIX 700.

As for the accessories, they’ve launched the Lenovo Pocket Projector and the Lenovo 500 2.0 Bluetooth Speaker as well as Lenovo Y series accessories that are due to launch next year.

The YOGA 900 is the world’s thinnest Intel Core i convertible featuring Intel’s 6th gen Skylake processors. It is able of four usage modes and has an upgraded hinge for smoother rotation. The YOGA 900 also takes advantage of Windows Continuum so users can switch seamlessly between their laptop and tablet modes.


The YOGA TAB 3 8″ is a video tablet with a long battery life so you can stay entertained. It comes equiped with a 1280 x 800 HD display, front facing Dolby Atmos speakers and only weighs 466g. You can also take selfies with it using the 180 degree rotating camera with gesture control.

The YOGA Tab 3 Pro is also a tablet geared towards the cinema experience, with an inbuilt JBL sound bar and Dolby Atmos tech; plus it has a 180 degree rotatable beam projector built in. The display is a 10.1 QHD display at a crispy sharp 299 ppi and 2560 x 1600 resolution.

For their gaming segment, the brand has launched the ideapad Y700 for gamers looking for portability. The Y700 also comes with JBL speakers, Intel or AMD processors as well as discrete graphics. The device also has an optional 10-point multitouch display or Intel RealSense Camera to manipulate your 3D world.


The ideacenter Y900 on the other hand is for more intensive gaming, sporting a quad-core 6th gen Intel Core i7 processor with discrete graphics and is able so support up to two GPUs. The chassis is big enough to fit a full sized ATX motherboard too, so you can upgrade away!

The ideapad 100S are for those who want the thinnest and the lightest. Sporting a quad-core Intel Atom processor and a battery capable of lasting 8 hours, the notebook is perfect for those looking for portability.

For those who need a reliable workhorse, the ideacenter AIO 700 couples a powerful intel Skylake processor with a large 27 inch 10 point touchscreen, so you can lay out all your stuff as needed. The new model also has more memory than it’s predecessor as well as a RealSense camera to use all those 3D camera enabled applications. The Lenovo AIO 300 is similar as well.


Lenovo’s new 15-inch ideapad 500 laptops are equal parts entertainment and workhorse machine. Not only does it contain the latest Intel Core i7 tech, it has a FHD display, optional AMD discrete graphics, and immersive Dolby DS 1.0 home theater surround.

lenovo evolution phab

In the tablet segment, Lenovo has two new tablets, the Lenovo PHAB and Miix 700 two-in-one tablet. The PHAB is just 8.9mm thin, has 1GB RAM mated to a octa-core Qualcomm processor and a humongous 4250mAh battery.

The MIIX 700 is a 12-inch tablet with keyboard folio that looks somewhat similar to the Microsoft Surface. It’s also powered by a 6th gen Intel Core like most of the devices launched today; and like the YOGA series also has retweaked hinges.

As for their accessories, there’s the Pocket Projector and Lenovo 500 2.0 Bluetooth speaker. The Pocket Projector is basically capable of projecting up to 110 inches with its 50-lumen bulb while being able to fit in the palm of your hand. The device has 2.5 hours of battery life and is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows devices. Additionally, it comes with a microSD card with 32GB storage.

lenovo evolution bluetooth speaker

Last but not least, the Lenovo 500 2.0 Bluetooth speaker is a device hewn from solid metal and is built in with CSR 4.0 Bluetooth tech, NFC technology for easy connectivity. It works by delivering a 270-degree sound projection that easily fills a room, or at least allows you to have a small portable audio device to carry on your occasional outside jaunt.