LR-mainEver wish you had a way to quickly nab lenses as you need them without leaving all your gear scattered about? LensRacks, a rather revolutionary camera lens and gear storage system promises to not only take away the clutter but make it possible to swap lenses and accessories on the fly, possibly like a boss.

Designed to be expandable and modular, the rack system can be easily adjusted to accommodate any number of lenses or gear, and is not restricted to just lenses either. The flash holder cold shoe can hold any device that fits into a hot shoe and the way it’s made you pretty much can eschew your original lens caps as well.lensracks instruct

The KickStarter project has already surpassed their $20,000 goal, but it will be open for funding till 2 March 2015 if you want to swoop in and back the project. Currently LensRacks is made to support Canon or Nikon lenses but if they manage to hit their $30,000 stretch goal, they will extend compatibility to a third lens system, which is currently undergoing voting on their Facebook page.

Check out the video to get a taste on how the system will work or you can also check out the project here.

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