Introducing the NUCLUN

Samsung isn’t the only smartphone player that has its own processor. Their fellow South Korean compatriot LG has recently  announced that their next smartphone, the LG G3 Screen will be powered by their own homemade processor called the NUCLUN.

Aside from sounding like some nuclear weapon’s acronym, the NUCLUN, like Samsung’s own Exynos processor, is an octa-core processor that is based off of the ARM big.LITTLE architecture. It packs four 1.5GHz cores for high end processing tasks with another four 1.2GHz cores for minimal processing tasks like light internet browsing or mail checks. As such, battery life conservation can be significantly improved. LG claims that the number of processing cores can even be tweaked to perform more efficiently when needed.

Now that’s all fine in the power department, but how about network connectivity? You don’t have to worry about that as the NUCLUN processor supports LTE-A Cat.6 (yep, that’s LTE Advanced for you) and can reach download speeds up to 225MBps. It’ll also definitely be compatible with current the LTE networks, including the ones being rolled out here in Malaysia.

The LG G3 screen with NUCLUN processor (Image from Androidcentral)
The LG G3 screen with NUCLUN processor (Image from Androidcentral)

So which lucky LG smartphone will be sporting this spanking new processor? It’ll be another variant of the LG G3 of course (boy LG is really milking the G3 name). In fact it’ll be a phablet variant called the LG G3 Screen. The  model in question will sport a 5.9-inch Full HD IPS display, which thus puts it in the phablet category. So what else is kitted out on it? There’s 32GB of internal storage, 2GB RAM, a 13-megapixel rear camera that’s also equipped with OIS like the G3, and 2.1MP front camera. The LG G3 Screen phablet will come in two colours, black and white and is already released in South Korea. Chances of it coming to Malaysia (with the rest of the OTHER G3 phones)? From the looks of it nil. Come on LG Malaysia, quit diddling and bring your freaking phones in already.

Source: LG

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