So what’s the best way to get your brand into the audio game? Team up with a well known audio brand, which is exactly what LG has recently done. In this case, LG has teamed up with well known audio powerhouse Harmon/Kardon to come up with a brand, spanking new Bluetooth stereo headest.

Known as the LG Tone Infinim, this wireless audio headset looks like it came out from a sci-fi movie. With the sleek, metallic finish, we won’t be surprised if you mistake it for some futuristic headband either.

The partnership with Harmon/Kardon will see a boost in the audio quality of the LG Tone Infinim and when you have “certified by Harmon/Kardon” we’re pretty sure audiophiles out there won’t bat an eyelid in picking this Bluetooth stereo headset up.

LG claims that the Tone Inifinim will be the perfect accessory for the yet to be released LG G3. Well we figure that any decent Bluetooth stereo headset will complement any smartphone nicely. Aside from the Tone Infinim’s looks and Harmon/Kardon credentials, it is a pretty standard Bluetooth headset. There’s a battery life of 550 hours standby time, 17 hours of talk time and 14 hours of continuous media playback.

There’s a jog button that’ll let you scroll through songs and even a vibrate function to tell you when that oh so important call or message comes in. Yep pretty much standard.

LG has yet to announce the price of the Tone Infinim but it’s expected to hit in summer which is about the June period.

Source: LG