Having suffered a handful of setbacks over the last year, Lionsgate is trying to figure out how to further expand their successful Hunger Games franchise. Could this mean more movies after they’ve run out of books?

Lionsgate definitely is interested in expanding the Hunger Games franchise, especially given its popularity.

Lionsgate’s CEO Jon Feltheimer stated that “I would say that there’s no big franchise that any studio has that they’re not trying to look at prequels, sequels, spinoffs, some version of that. We think that there’s a great piece of IP with Hunger Games. It’s a great world.”

They also recently closed a $4.4 billion deal for Starz which would allow the studio to air premium content on the telly, making it possible to take another dip into the world of Panem. Potential spinoffs could also lead to more feature-length films in the future too.


However, we’re not sure for certain if a Hunger Games spin-off is really what the fans want; some would probably want a different view on the events of the books/movies while others would simply want the series to just end right here with the last movie. Either way, the fans will probably come running if Lionsgate does actually pitch a potential sequel/prequel/tv series so we’ll be waiting to see if they actually do have something up their sleeves.

May the odds be ever in your favour.