Logan Movie

The Logan movie is barely a week away for premiering and based one thing that many a fan will be wondering is, “Should we stay on once the credits start rolling?”. With post-credit scenes being almost a staple for superhero movies, it’s no surprise that many are wondering if Logan will have it as well. And the answer? A definite yes!

At least that is what’s been confirmed by Steve Weintraub of Collider. Weintraub has already watched a version of the movie that was screened for critics and he personally dispelled any doubts about the subject. According to his post on Collider:

While the version of the film screened for critics had no such thing, over the past few days word has begun to spread that Logan might have a scene added after the credits when it hits theaters. Forget about the rumors…I can confirm it’s true. When Logan is released on March 3rd it’ll have a post-credits scene. I’m not sure if it’s half way through the credits or at the very end, but I can 100% tell you something will be there.

Steve Weintraub

This news for some might not come as a surprise (or maybe even news at all) but for some fans out there, it’ll at least give us some assurance why we’d have to expand our precious time going through the credits after the movie ends.

For now, though, no one has leaked WHAT is exactly in the post-credit scene and even Weintraub says that if the leak does come out, it’s not going to be from him. With the amount of pre-release screening that’ll be shown in the next couple of days, we’re pretty sure though that EVENTUALLY, a leak will come out.

As to what the leak could be, we’re in the dark ourselves though there is a possibility that it might have to do with Deadpool 2, but hey, that’s just speculation. What do you think would be in the post-credit scene for Logan?