pokemon go

A while back we reported that a bunch of Asian Pokemon Go servers were found to have been setup, signalling the imminent launch of the game in our region.

While Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines had servers, Malaysia was one country that noticeably had no server at all. Well, it looks like Malaysian won’t have to worry now as it seems, a dedicated server for the country has been setup.

The data, like the previous story, comes from mmoserverstatus.com, a site that monitors servers status for various popular MMO games. Don’t get too excited, however, if you turned on Pokemon GO now and still find an empty map. The server for Malaysia may be up, but it is not active yet. That also goes for most of the other Asian and South East Asian servers.

Pokemon Go Server Status 30 July
Malaysian servers have been detected for Pokemon GO!

So far only Hong Kong and Japan are the only Asian countries that have Pokemon Go gone live. No updates or indicators (except maybe the emergence of the Asian servers) of the launch dates for the rest of the country.

There has been speculation that with the emergence of these Asian servers, we could be looking at a rollout by end of July. However, with the end month coming in just a matter of days, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Well, we can all always hope.

Can’t wait for Pokemon Go to hit Malaysia? Here’s how you can play it now, and from the comfort of your bed.