Seemingly out of the aether, comes news that there is a live-action Neko Atsume movie in the works.

Details are pretty limited at the moment, but most of us would remember that mobile app by Hit-Point Studio that allowed you to “collect” cats by pimping out your backyard with things cats loved.

The movie, titled Neko Atsume no Ie has actor Itou Atsushi as their lead. Whether or not there will be more human actors is up in the air at this point, though we can safely assume there will be a lot of cats involved.

The studio handling this are the same guys who produced the action comedy Neko Zamurai (Samurai Cat) which is about a samurai who is hired by a dog-loving rival gang to off another gang’s beloved pet cat. Well you can see where that’s going already.

It will be interesting to see how AMG Studio will pull this one off, with the movie is set to release in 2017.