Cat Jenga

If you happen to love a challenging game of Jenga and also love your feline friends, this little wooden puzzle game might be up your alley.

Developed by Chinese game publisher Comma, the entire set features stackable cats which through skill, you can build into a massive tower of collapsible kittens.

Each pouch comes with six cats of different design, and the game is played by seeing who can add the highest cat without causing a cat-stacktrophe (ha, geddit?). More or less like a reverse-Jenga. The sets come with two different coloured wood options, namely teak and maple, with teak coming in three styles and maple coming in two.

Cat Jenga_2

Cat Jenga can be purchased from Amazon and retails for $19.99 (about RM 86) per set.

You can check out their official Facebook page here.

But if this isn’t cute enough for you, you can also try stacking a bunch of Pikachu on a snoozing Snorlax.

via Boredpanda