Lovely Muco!
Lovely Muco!

Fans who happens to be dog lovers, rejoice! There is going to be an anime series featuring a shiba dog as the main star.

Itoshi no Muco/いとしのムーコ or Lovely Muco! is going to be an anime series according to its creator, Takayuki Mizushima via Twitter. Based on the adventures of a not too bright pet dog and his owner, Komatsu who works in glass making workshop at the mountains, the anime series is expected to be aired for fall 2015. The series has been serialized in Kodansha bi-weekly magazine Evening since April 2011 and 4 years later, seven tankubon volumes is out so far. The manga was ranked sixth place in “Top 15 Recommended Manga by Bookstores” back in 2013 after voting by 1586 bookshop workers in 1280 stores in Japan.

The tagline of the series is “The happy and daily life of Muco and Komatsu san.

It is shown before as two anime short series made by Doga Kobo which aired in Fuji TV’s living information program “Non Stop!” in 2013 and 2014 but the creator dismissed them as just “Lovely Movie”. He insisted that “This time, it’s a real anime.

However, no further details provided as to who will be the staff for the anime adaptation or the voice casting. On a glance, this looks like a slice of life, lighthearted series featuring cute animal antics like Chii’s Sweet Home which stars a cute cat.

Hooray for animal equality.

Via Twitter

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