LunchClick is hosting a singles Pokemon Hunting event this weekend at Publika. Check out the details Dating Go inside!

With the sheer amount of Malaysians hopping onto the Pokemon Go bandwagon, why not catch some Pokemon and maybe meet up and find that special someone while you’re at it!

The event will take place at Publika this weekend (14 August) and has limited hunting slots so you are going to have to sign up quick if you’re interested. It will begin at 2PM, and LunchClick will be holding games and competitions, with one grand prize being 2,500 Pokecoins!

pokemon dating go

You’ll also be getting water and snacks too, so you’ll be well taken care of. Each participant has an RM20 entry fee or RM30 for two if you purchase online, with an RM40 entry fee (RM60 for two) if purchased on the day itself.

To grab your tickets, head on over here.