Ah, one of the most famous sci-fi mecha franchises ever known to the world from Japan besides Gundam is Macross. The series where a plethora of elements come together – transforming mecha jet fighter, idol singer, J-Pop, dramatic love triangle, big space battles and even a crazy missile attack aka Itano Missile Massacre or Circus. Well, guess what, it’s come back for more.

After Macross Frontier concluded its second run on Japanese TV, its famous creator Shoji Kawamori announced back in July this year that a new chapter of Macross is in the planning stages.

Right now, we have a working name – Macross Δ.

The audition announcement for new Macross series

The producers are planning to audition new singers for the new series, slated to start on 1 December 2014. The audition was announced during the Fire Bomber’s Concert to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Macross Seven not long ago.

In the last Macross series, they held a massive audition called “Victor Vocal & Voice Audition” to choose singers for Macross Frontier. which saw the debut of Megumi Nakajima who’s also the voice of Ranka Lee.

So are you excited, Macross fans? Will you listen to the songs again?

Source: Famitsu