With the Kaladesh block officially launching 30 September, Magic Duels will also be getting an update a couple of days earlier. More details after the jump!

Bringing us to the colourful lands of Kaladesh for the Inventors Fair, the Kaladesh block also explores the story of Planeswalker Chandra Naalar, who is not only part of the Gatewatch but is an adept user of Red Mana.

The Kaladesh update will include 167 new unique cards along with 50+ story driven campaign missions. This is on top of new earnable card sleeves and full-art lands to add to your collection.

8. Card Collection

This is on top of the already available 1000+ cards you can earn in game, letting you build a plethora of different strategies and playstyles to slay the competition.

The update will release 28 September, and will be out for Xbox One, iPhone, iPad and PC via Steam.

Hit the gallery below for some screenshots!