The latest expansion for Magic The Gathering is hitting pre-release this weekend, are you ready to command your horde of zombies and vampires against the dread Eldrazi horrors?

Eldritch Moon picks up after the death of the angel Avacyn, former protector of Innistrad. Nahiri has summoned Emrakul, an Eldrazi, to take revenge on Sorin Markov. Emrakul manipulates and mutates all he comes across, turning all into misshapen and monstrous form; and turning the rest mad. However, Jace Beleren brings the Gatewatch and Liliana Vess brings her hordes of undead to battle the Eldrazi, as her zombies are immune to the Emrakul’s influence.

eldrich moon main

Eldrich Moon hits pre-release this weekend over the 16 -17 July, with the official release to happen 22 July.

Magic Duels will also be getting an update to accommodate the new expansion, which will become available starting 20 July.

Pre-release will be happening at your local gaming stores, so make sure you check them out and sign up for this weekend!