The big Magic The Gathering: Grand Prix KL concluded a couple of weeks ago at the Sunway Pyramid Convention Center with over a thousand player turnout to take home the win.

Of the many players who came to take on the masses with their best of skills, 769 set their eyes on the Top 8 and a chance at the trophy. By day 2, these dwindled down to just 245 players. A grand total of a whopping USD$35,000 in prizes were handed out this GPKL.

The competition was fierce but ultimately it would have to boil down to who made the Top 8.

These were none other than Yuuki Ichikawa, Yuta Takahashi and Fumiya Matsumoto and Teruya Kakumae from Japan with Mark Lawrence Tubola from the Philippines, Anthony Lee from Australia, and Marcus Oh from Singapore with our own Au Yong Wai Kin from Malaysia who was back after a 16 year hiatus.

Fumiya Matsumoto, victor!

Close behind are Nicholas Wong, Kelvin Chew, Tomoharu Saito, Kenji Tsumura, Ken Yukuhiro and Kentaro Yamamoto among other big names! The Top 8’s winning decklists can be viewed here.

LR: Lee, Oh and Tubola

All the while, side-events and drafts were happening all around on both days, adding to the excitement for those who came for more casual competition. White essentially dominated the whole GPKL with Thraben Inspector and Gideon, Ally of Zendikar being present in all the Top 8 decks, with new faces and veterans alike going nose to nose for one of KL’s most exciting Grand Prix events yet.


The event saw vendors from around the region, bringing not just MTG related loot but also some of the awesome artists behind the illustrations on your cards. This time around we had Titus Lunter from Denmark, Christine Choi from Seattle and Luis Lasahido from Indonesia.

Now don’t you feel like you’d like to try your hand at Magic? head on over to Wizards of the Coast to get started!

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