Magic: The Gathering – Shadows over Innistrad is hitting this weekend and stores nationwide will be hosting pre-release events all over Malaysia!

 The pre-release officially rolls out 2 – 3 April, while the set will become available on the market starting 8 April.

Shadows over Innistrad is the first set for the block (also titled Shadows over Innistrad) and contains a total of 297 cards, many with new effects like Skulk and the ability to transform by flipping into stronger creatures when certain conditions are met.

Story wise, the set follows Jace as he travels to Innistrad to look for clues behind some strange happenings where the dead have become restless, curses grow stronger and the thirst of monsters loom ever larger. As such, Shadows over Innistrad plays home to a host of angels, vampires and spirits, both good and bad, many with their own agenda.

If you’re interested in joining up for the pre-release head on over to the store locator to find the nearest game shop near you!