The 3D Printer

Is smaller better? Ususally when it comes to 3D printing, not so much, but that’s now what iBox thinks. In fact, iBox Printers is trying to prove this by developing the world’s smallest and cheapest 3D printer. Called the iBox Nano 3D, this tiny tot of a 3D printer is slightly larger than a Rubik’s cube and comes with an equally tiny price (at least in 3D printer terms) of USD$269 (RM890).

A size reduction isn’t the only thing that the company is claiming for the iBox Nano 3D as they also say it is the world quietest 3D resin printer.

So how did iBox get this printer to be this cheao? They used a LED bulb instead of a DLP one for lighting which not only reduces its costs, but size and noise as well. The printer is also made of acrylic parts or PMMA (Polymethyl methacrylate) to cut down the weight putting it at 1.1kg. And when it measure at 85 x 110 x 235 mm, you can’t expect people to pay so much for something so tiny. The developer is aiming to remove the need for installing any software by using only an Internet browser, Wi-Fi or direct connect. Users can even use iOS or Android to operate this.

The creators of the iBox Nano 3D are aiming for the home user market that just want to print small to average sized 3D objects. And although much can be said about larger format 3D printing devices, there is a good potential for the iBox Nano 3D, especially for the home DIY and craft market. For more technical details and samples of  work this thing can churn out, you can check out their Kickstarter site.

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Source: Kickstarter