LINE has just made it possible for users to create their own themes, with the upcoming “LINE Creators Market” that will allow them to design and sell their unique themes.

“LINE Creators Market has enabled many artists globally, including Malaysia, to share their work with many others. The expansion into allowing creators’ to create their own themes is an extension that enables them to exercise their creativity,” said Patricia Yeoh, Public Relations Manager of LINE Malaysia. “LINE is thrilled to provide this platform that will not only benefit the creators, but enhance the users’ experience to a whole new level as well, especially for Malaysians.”

Of course, the user content won’t be without guidelines, with the creation and review guidelines to be released before the service’s launch in late April.

With the service, anyone who has a LINE account can sell their creations to LINE users after passing the review process, be them an individual or an enterprise. Theme prices can be set from 150 LINE coins (about RM 12) to 250 LINE coins (about RM 20). 35% of the revenue from the sale will then pass to the creator after deductions from Google Play/App Store handling frees are made.

The themes can range from icons, buttons, backgrounds or menu buttons, in individual form or sold as sets for people to purchase. Those who have already made LINE stickers can get in on the action too.

The LINE Creators market will open for submissions 15 April 2016.