Fallout shish kebab

Rule of Thumb: if there’s something really cool in a video game, someone’s probably going to make it for real. The latest addition to the menagerie of cool stuff come to life is Fallout‘s flametastic Shishkebab; a fire-engulfed sword that looks seriously hot now it’s real.

Created by Caleb Kraft of Make with help from artist Platinumfungi, they’ve crafted the firey sword as close to its original form as possible. Lets not forget he also produced a Ukelele version of the Mad Max flame guitar earlier this year. So its safe to say this guy really knows his way around fire.

They basically start with a katana and then tack on a butane canister with a motorcycle brake lever, much like how it appears in Fallout 4. Those who are familiar with the game would note that it has been upgraded since it made its appearance in Fallout 3.

Will it help you mow down ghouls and giant rad-scorpions in the event of a nuclear apocalypse? probably not, but you’ll look cool as hell.

So what’s your favourite weapons of mass destruction from Fallout? let us know below!