Pewdiepie, YouTube’s biggest star is in a bit of hot water following a batch of videos containing anti-semitic content.

Felix Kjellberg (also known as Pewdiepie) pretty much started as a gaming YouTuber, playing games like Amnesia during his rise to fame. As of late his content has been taking a turn from the stuff he used to make (compared to the Pewdiepie of say, three years ago). The latest of said shenanigans was a video of him paying a pair of men to hold up a sign saying “Death To All Jews”, bit him referencing Hitler and Nazis aren’t uncommon in his videos either. The tipping point was then he started garnering support from real neo-Nazis, a move would leave many an advertiser feeling unsettled.

Most of the videos that sparked this controversy however, are no longer available on his channel.

YouTube has also canceled the second season of YouTube Red exclusive Scare Pewdiepie, and will be removing him from “Google Preferred” which is an advertising service for brand-safe content.

All this would likely put a dent in Pewd’s income, but he’s still allowed to monetize videos through the usual ways on YouTube. But he has stated in the past that the normal income-per-view he makes is low because of his ‘edgy humour’ and content that isn’t exactly ‘family friendly’ so it limits the kind of advertisers available to him.

So what does this bode for YouTube’s biggest star? probably not a whole lot, considering he has quite a bit of focus on his own network, Revelmode.