Code Geass Malaysian Singer

2018 is set to be an exciting year for anime with many hotly anticipated titles to make a return. Chief among them is Code Geass. While the original anime ended almost 10 years ago (with one spin-off series), it was announced not too long ago that a sequel would be made and boy has that gotten a lot of fans excited.

Quite a bit of details have been released since then including news of a compilation movie as well as the proper sequel series titled Code Geass: The Resurrection. With the compilation movie details and promotions being released, mixed in among them is a new music video for the theme song of the first part of the compilation movie Kodou. Called “Aka dake ga Tarinai” or in English, Only Red is Lacking, what’s interesting about it who is singing it.

The singer in question is named Iris Woo, and it turns out, she’s from this part of the world, specifically Malaysia! How about that? We’ve already got talented Malaysians helping out in producing major Japanese games but now, we have one singing the theme song of a hugely popular anime!

Foreign singers for Japanese anime isn’t exactly a new thing with a bunch of K-pop stars having sung the opening theme for many popular anime, but we believe, this is the first time a Malaysian singer has been chosen to sing the theme for an anime, what more a really popular anime with a significant cult following.

Many might not know who Iris Woo is and frankly, we have little knowledge of her either. We do know that she’s worked with local Chinese rapper and producer Namewee for a bit, especially as a cast for his 2013 movie Kara King. Since 2015 however, she has made her shift to Japan, releasing a couple of singles and even being a model for the Kose line of cosmetics, releasing a song to promote their line of products.

From that to singing the theme song of a highly anticipated anime is a pretty big jump and hopefully, we’ll be hearing more from her in the future! In the meantime you can enjoy both the promotional Code Geass MV as well as the actual song MV here.