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Have you ever woke up one day and thought to yourself, “Gee, I wish I could look like my favourite video game character.” A lot of us probably have had that thought at some point in our life. Only, we give ourselves ten slaps, remind ourselves that we’re ugly potatoes and move on with our lives. One Malaysian guy, on the other hand, decided to make his dream a reality. 

Inspired by the popular Final Fantasy character, Squall Leonheart, 21-year-old Amirul Rizwan Musa has spent a crap ton of money – approximately RM 200K – on various cosmetic surgeries, including a couple that were done overseas.

The first thing that came to mind was, “Where on earth does a 21-year-old find RM 200K? “ But then I reminded myself that not everyone is a peasant like me. #Parttimeuberdriver #Cantevenaffordkfc #GG

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In an interview with Harian Metro, Amirul, who goes by the name Miyyo RizOne on social media, mentioned that he started going under the knife when he started his modelling career back in 2014.

Now, just hold up one second. His name is Miyyo Rizone? According to scientists worldwide, you’re infinitely more BADASS if your name has a number in it. Perhaps I should change my name from Dashran to DashOne. Or, better yet, DashX. By the way, scientists worldwide have also confirmed that Dashran “Dedpewl” Yohan suffers from chronic bullshitting disorder.

In that same interview with Harian Metro, Amirul also had this to say:

I have received numerous calls and messages continuously from the public who just aim to curse me. Worse still, there are those who came to see me face-to-face just to insult me. But, Even though I went viral due to all the wrong reasons, it does not affect my rice bowl as I am still offered acting roles and product endorsements.

Guys, we can crack jokes all we want, but mad props should be given to Amirul for sticking to his guns and following his heart despite mass criticisms. Amirul now owns a cosmetic company of his own – MR Beauty Line – and hopes the publicity he has received can help promote his business.

And for those of us who can’t afford to go for cosmetic surgery, don’t worry. We can still look like our favourite video game characters. Here are a couple of video game characters you can turn into FREE OF CHARGE!

1. Mario

Expert tip: Throw your gym membership down the drain and get a McDonald’s membership instead. Also, don’t forget f**k water, drink beer. 

2. Donkey Kong

Expert tip: Be Indian. Let it grow.