Steam is suddenly inaccessible via both the website and the app. What’s going on??

Just awhile ago Steam’s front page started displaying this message, denoting that it is now blocked nationwide due to violating some kind of law, similar to what you get if you try to surf blocked porn/controversial news sites.

However, your library should still be accessible as long as your games have been installed, so don’t worry about your games disappearing. It still seems to be possible to download games as well, but since the main page is buggered you cannot purchase anything. The library, community and profile pages are still working fine.

Also, since the front page is blocked if you don’t already have the Steam app, you’re kinda screwed.

We’re thinking that Steam is getting blocked because of the Fight of Gods game, which was recently deemed offensive, leading to the MCMC asking Valve to block downloads of the game.

Now Steam is not entirely accessible if you don’t use a VPN service or use Google DNS.

As far as we know this is the only way to circumvent it so until we find out WHY exactly Steam has been blocked (or the block is lifted) this will be the only way you can access it.

What the hell.

We will update when we get more information.