Malaysia’s very own “Netflix” style service iflix has now included a bunch of anime titles into their video offerings. Launched a couple of months back, iflix has been building up its library of shows for users and it seems they’re not leaving any Otakus out of the mix either.

From what we’ve managed to gather, iflix is, for the moment, offering 21 anime titles for subscribers to catch. Among the titles offered include the hot anime Attack on Titan, Psycho-Pass, Zankyou no Terror, Kancolle and even The Idolmaster. In total, iflix says they have 150 hours of episodes to stream, so it’s time to start binge watching guys.

All the anime being shown on iflix will come with at least English subtitles and about 50% of them also come with Malay subtitles, with more being added on. To get the whole list of anime being shown on iflix you can head over here for the complete list.

According to iflix, they are currently working with  PLUS Media Networks Asia Pte Ltd who currently hold the rights to a bunch of popular anime here in South East Asia. In case you’re wondering just who  PLUS Media Networks Asia Pte Ltd, they’re the same guys that run the Aniplus Asia channel that is broadcasted on some cable and satellite companies.

Unfortunately, our local satellite broadcaster Astro and TM’s Hypp TV do not offer the channel so iflix is the only avenue for you to catch dedicated anime media.

Of course iflix isn’t just stopping at these 21 titles at the moment and they’ll be adding more in the coming months. Hopefully we’ll be seeing even newer stuff, like this year’s spring anime titles or even better, the latest anime from this summer. We can only hope.

To subscribe to iflix you can head over here.

You can also the download the app for Android here and for Apple here.

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