Malaysia’s Team M8 has just announced a brand new addition to their growing team with a new, all-female Overwatch team.

Given that the competitive eSports world is generally male dominated, it’s great that Malaysia’s gaming scene just got a little more diverse. While M8 isn’t the first to sport an all-female team (MBT.Valkyrie was the first in Malaysia) the scene also has female ROX Orca player Kim”Geguri” Se-yeon who made headlines in August in South Korea’s OGN Overwatch Apex.

Here’s a snippet from the original announcement:

“Following excellent examples set by the gaming community, M8 Gaming is hereby proud to announce our very first all-female Overwatch team, M8 Tempest. With this, we hope to further contribute to the growing diversity within the gaming community. “

The team itself consists of Chloel4, mimosa, Ristelle (Team Captain) Vause, Cyndy and Hiyoteru, pictured from left to right.

Here is the roster:

  • “Ristelle” Rin (Team Captain)
  • Chloe “Chloel4” Liew Zhao Ying
  • Caroline “Mimosa” Lee Wei Ching
  • Ashley “Vause” Foo
  • “Cyndy” Song
  • Naomi “Hiyoteru” Tachibana

Team M8’s Head Manager Flynn “KatzpawZ” Siew said she’s honoured to be part of the division, and that they want to show that skilled female players can be just as good as the dudes who dominate the sport. Go get ’em girls!