First poster of the movie
First poster of the movie

During a press conference at Toho HQ, it was announced that a new movie under the direction of Mamoru Hosoda of Tokimeki Kakeru no Shoujo, Summer Wars and Wolf Children fame will be coming out in 2015.

The film named Bakemono no Ko or The Boy and The Beast is set to air in cinemas in the Land of the Rising Sun on 11 July 2015. Bakemono no Ko  follows the adventures of a human boy as he stumbles into a beast world called Jutengai. There, he meets a bear swordmaster named Kumatetsu and decides to be his apprentice. He is then given a new name, Kyuta, and the follows his adventures with the bearlike swordmaster.

The project was started way back in 2012 right after the release of Wolf Children in cinemas and Hosoda spent four months developing the screenplay. Takaaki Yamashita and Tatsuzo Nishida who worked with Hosoda on his previous films are also back as the staff for this flick. Not only that, Masakatsu Takagi ,the music composer for Wolf Children, has also returned for music scoring duties for this project as well.

As for who’s in it, we’ll have to wait a little while longer as  no announcement of the cast has yet to be made.


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