Boy oh boy, have I been looking forward to this one. The trailer for Bong Joon Ho’s new film, Okja is out and it looks effing mental! 

If you’re unfamiliar with Bong Joon Ho’s work, I suggest you ditch classes, forget about your SPM examination, sit on your ass and check out Snowpiercerfor it is one of the best comic/graphic novel adaptations ever made.

Starring Chris Evans, Snowpiercer is a post-apocalyptic themed movie about a bunch of people living on a train. It has visceral action sequences, good performances throughout – arguably Chris Evans’ best performance to date – and it’s also a social commentary on the class structure in our society. It is great from start till end. But, the true star of Snowpiercer is Bong Joon Ho, whose thumbprints cover every inch of every frame. Simply put it, he directed the sh*t out of the movie.

Now, one of Korea’s the world’s best auteurs is back. Check out the amazeballs trailer below:

I have a few “of alls” to go through.

First of all, the story – screenplay also penned by Bong Joon Ho – is kinda mental? A young girl tries to protect her pet monster from a multi-national company? What on earth? But words like “mental,” “insane” and “bat-shit crazy” are pretty much right up Joon Ho’s alley. If anyone can direct crazy, he can.

Second of all, Jake Gyllenhaal is acting in this movie. I know, he’s not one of the main cast members. But Gyllenhaal is one of the best acting talents working today and you can bet that even if he’s in the movie just for 27 seconds, that 27 seconds is a potential show stealer.

Third of all (final “of all,” I promise), this movie is going to be released on Netflix (with a limited release in cinemas). I’m torn between feeling happy and sad about this. On one hand, Netflix is changing the game. On the other hand, I really like the whole theatre going experience and I hope it doesn’t die off. Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman will also be released on Netflix (with a limited release in cinemas).

Okay, I’m done! Go watch the trailer again. Then go watch Snowpiercer. Then watch Joon Ho’s other movies like Mother and Tokyo.