Mark Millar’s comics are headed to Hollywood yet again. This time, Waypoint Entertainment will be taking charge of the film adaptations of American Jesus and Supercrooks.

The two will join the other titles of his comic book creations on the silver screen; Wanted, Kick-Ass, Kingsman and the upcoming Captain America: Civil War.

Under the deal, Waypoint’s Ken Kao will produce the films with his partner Dan Kao, along Addictive Pictures’ Russel Ackerman and John Schoenfelder.

Drawn by Peter Gross, American Jesus follows a the second coming of Jesus Christ, a modern twelve-year-old boy who realise that he has returned in the present day in a last-ditch effort to save mankind. The work started as a “Chosen” under Dark Horse comics before being re-titled “American Jesus” for new publishers, Image Comics.

Mark Millar’s Supercrook is the result of the collaboration with illustrator, Leinil Francis Yu. The criminal caper story centres on eight retired super-villain coming back to work in an attempt to rob the world’s most notorious crime boss.

The writer exclaimed that he was impressed by the scale of and plans that the producers are working on. He said, “Leinil and I couldn’t be more delighted to have Supercrooks up and running with such talented people,”

The writer has also revealed that he and Peter Gross have waited over a decade for the right team to take on American Jesus. “This really is that team! The level of talent we’re talking about behind the camera has us all ridiculously excited. Fans of the books are in for an absolute treat,” Millar said.

Apart from the two properties, several of his original works are already in development for film or television; this includes Superior, Chrononauts, Empress, Huck, MPH, and Starlight.