That’s right. Marvel has a brand new Hulk series coming but it will no longer have the original Hulk as its main character.

Yet another one of Marvel’s heroes is getting a refresher, to be replaced by a new hero bearing the same (or almost the same) moniker. Thor, Iron Man (or Iron Heart) and now the Hulk have different incarnations of the hero at the helm of their comics.

In this case, She-Hulk will be the new hero of the Hulk comics, starting this December. She-Hulk, or Jennifer Walters isn’t a new character though, being around since her creation in 1980.
she hulk new series

While still green, she’s a much different kind of Hulk compared to Bruce Banner’s Hulk.

For one she can Hulk out at will and for the the extra strength, size and durability, she doesn’t lose any of her intelligence.

Her stories however, mostly focus on how her superhero persona affects her lawyer job, though she recently almost got killed in a battle between Thanos and the Avengers; waking up from the coma to discover Banner had been apparently killed by Hawkeye.

Hawkeye himself claims that Bruce had pleaded with him to do so if Bruce ever looked like he was going to become the Hulk again (having not Hulked out for months at that point) and Hawkeye escapes conviction. This is where the new story picks up.

While we’re always for a fresh new take on any comic series we have to wonder if Marvel is planning on doing so for any of its other characters. We guess we’ll find out soon enough.