The rumours about M.A.S.K’s return have been floating about the Zeitgeist for quite awhile now and it finally looks like they’re coming true.

According to, the MASK branding has been spotted alongside some of Hasbro’s stable toy lines (My Little Pony, Playdough, Marvel and etc.) as one of the new brands they are going to reintroduce. The MASK logo is unmistakable, and it also looks like they are going to bring back classics like Micronauts, Stretch Armstrong and Action Man as well.

hasbro brand

M.A.S.K debuted as a cartoon to help sell the toy line, which was very common for cartoons of the 80’s era, the show only lasted for two seasons with a total of 75 episodes. The main plot of the story was that of a command force battling the evil baddies (much in the vein of G.I Joe) who wore futuristic suits and masks that gave them special abilities. Complete with transforming vehicles. Maybe Hasbro will take a modern spin on the toys but for now that’s anyone’s guess.

We don’t know when we will see the new toys coming from Hasbro but since the IPs are already set for a revival it can’t be too long now. There also have been some rumours of a M.A.S.K movie, but at the moment we cannot confirm yet if this is true so take it with a pinch of salt.

If you need to jog your memory, check out this old commercial for the M.A.S.K toys and see if the themesong doesn’t punch you in the nostalgia.

via Geekculture

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