BioWare has just announced that they’re getting into the theme park biz, lending their popular sci-fi series Mass Effect to become a theme park attraction in California.

This is after the announcement that there will be an Assassins’ Creed theme park in Malaysia come 2020.

The Mass Effect theme park attraction will be located in California’s Great America park, and will feature settings and characters from the titular video game. The attraction is likely to be a ride (or a location) with a healthy mix of special effects, live performances and “4D” effects as they traverse the landscapes native to the game.

mass effect theme park

There isn’t much more detail than that just yet, but you can probably expect to be shot with water and other projectiles during the ride; which is common place for most 4D rides. Maybe you’ll be slashing down alien scum with your omni-tool?

The attraction is due in 2016, just in time for BioWare to release the next installment of the Mass Effect series. Hopefully this means there will be more game-related theme parks attractions from here on out? we sure hope so!