3D printing isn’t just for making adults cool stuff, now Mattel wants kids to get in on the action.

Mattel, one of the biggest toy makers, have always been keen on the idea of kids getting to make their own toys, since they released their first ThingMaker that allowed kids to make their own toys with liquid plastic. Now they’ve taken a step to the future by reinventing the concept with an affordable 3D printer that can be operated by kids.

mattel_thingmaker_4Coming in at $300 (about RM 1239) the printer is quite aggressively priced and comes with an app that allows kids to make figurines, jewelry and other what have you. The software allows kids of parents render toys straight from their tablet or smartphone, eliminating the need to 3D model the toy yourself, as is the case with traditional 3D printers.mattel_thingmaker_3

The software involved was created with Autodesk (the guys behind popular 3D modelling softwares) to ensure that the app was fast, easy to use and navigate. The best part? the app is also compatible with other 3D printers and the ThingMaker 3D even runs on the same PLA plastic filaments which are a mainstay in the 3D printing community.

No word on how many colours would be available yet though.

The ThingMaker Design app is already up on iOS and Android and comes preloaded with plenty of blueprints to use off the bat, on top of being able to customise toys using simple ball-and-socket joints.

Mattel hasn’t released when they will be bringing this printer to market but we’re pretty excited to see it in action. So what do you think about Mattel’s next big thing? let us know in the comments!