McDonald's Rich Chocolate Pie main

A McDonald’s pie is a guilty pleasure. You know it ain’t good for you but you still crave it, especially those late nights you’re suddenly feeling a wee bit peckish. That deep fried outer pastry case filled with oh so sweet apple filling is an irresistible must buy every time you make that fast food run to Mickey Ds.

Now imagine bumping that sweet tastiness up a level. How about instead of the regular pastry case, it’s mixed in with a bit of chocolate. And instead of apple filling, you get rich dark chocolate filled inside? Sounds irresistible right?

That’s exactly what McDonalds Korea has come up with the new Rich Chocolate Pie. The pie, which was launched on August 14 has hit social media hard with various picture and videos of it circulating and tantalising the taste buds of everyone watching them.

Filled with rich oozing chocolate, the new pie from McDonalds Korea has gotten anyone who has seen the videos in a tizzy. Most of the videos seen have the pie snapped into two, letting out all the rich and sinful chocolate within flow out.

How can you NOT be tempted to bite into that? The new McDonald’s Rich Chocolate Pie is unfortunately available only in South Korea at the moment for 1,500 Korean won (that’s about RM5.70) which is about double the price (after conversion) of a regular Apple Pie here.

McDonalds Korea Rich Chocolate Pie

We’ve attempted to reach out to McDonald’s Malaysia to see if they’ll be bringing in this sinful pie anytime soon, but they have yet to respond.

Hopefully, our local McDonald’s will bring it in soon or else the only way to enjoy this dessert will be to fly all the way to South Korea. Not that it’s a bad idea, to be honest