McDonlads serl serving kiosk Malaysia

McDonald’s Malaysia has finally introduced the self-service kiosk system in the country. Now you don’t need to deal with any humans or servers when you go get your regular serving of McDs.

It seems that the kiosk was set up earlier this month and so far the Bukit Bintang branch and Bangsar Telawi branch have implemented the system. The self-serve McDonald’s Kiosk isn’t new though as it has been rolled out in other countries like in Europe, China and neighbouring Singapore for a while now.

Kiosk mcd bb

Based on what we’ve seen, the kiosks are similar in setup to the ones in other countries. Customers need to line-up at the self-serve kiosk, input their orders into it, pay via credit card and voila, a numbered order will be printed. After that, it’s a matter of waiting for your number to be called and you can collect your order at the collection counter.

Kiosk MCd bb 2
You can order your McDs without having to deal with a human

You can basically order everything on the McDonald’s menu on the kiosk and they will even allow you to customise the orders. However, how far you can customise it remains to be seen. Based on some test in other countries, customers were even able to customise it to the point of just getting a cheese or just a bun. We have yet to try that out so we’re not too sure if it’s possible or not.

Kiosk mcd bb 3
You can collect your orders from the pick-up counter once your number is called

As for payment, the kiosk accepts all credit cards from Visa, Mastercard and American Express and they are also fully Visa Wave and Mastercard PayPass. It’s even compatible with Samsung Pay.

By introducing the self-serving kiosk, McDonald’s will be able to streamline the ordering process in their outlets even increase their sales. That doesn’t mean that regular servers and service staff will be totally gotten rid of though.

There are still a significant number of people that deal only in cash in Malaysia so they’ll still have to cater for that segment since the kiosk can only handle card transactions. Also, you’ll still need service staff to man the collection counter. What it does though, reduces the amount of service staff needed for manning payment counters.

So, want to try out the new self-service kiosk? Then head over to the Bukit Bintang or Bangsar Telawi McDonald’s now.

*Images sourced from Lowyat forum