Mega Man is set to come back to home TV as a Cartoon Network exclusive, we just don’t know when.

The new show is the product of DHX Media and Dentsu Entertainment, who have partnered up with Cartoon Network to run the series. They don’t have a set airdate for Mega Man, but it isn’t his first foray on TV, having also been on TV between 1994-1996 on TV Tokyo and that Mega Man Battle Network anime spinoff, MegaMan NT Warrior.

In the new show, Mega Man is actually a preteen robot boy named Aki Light who fights in high-tech Silicon Valley; who spends half his time being a powerful fighter, and the other just trying to be a regular robot boy.

It’s a bit of a divergence from Capcom’s usual style (in fact, we’ve had people say it looks quite akin to Upin and Ipin and BoiBoiBoy) and it might be a wee bit too kiddy for our tastes but hey, it’s a kid’s show. Again, we don’t know exactly when it will be out and what the quality will be like, but we’re not expecting too much from it.