The survival spinoff for Metal Gear Solid has just gotten itself a release date, after having its release already delayed once to make it better.

The game was originally supposed to come out this year, but was pushed to give the dev team more time to polish the game.

Konami is offering a handful of incentives for those who preorder the game on the PS4 or Xbox One, including two emote gestures, four gold-plated weapons, four metallic survival scarves, kabuki-style face paint and a Mother Base nameplate. Buyers will also get a “Boxman” accessory, which is a throwback to Snakes “The Orange” cardboard box.

No mention of the PC version yet though, so we’re unsure if they will be releasing it on the same day or if the pre-order items will also be offered to those getting it off Steam.

Metal Gear Survive is now set to release on 20 Feb 2018.