Nintendo unveiled a brand new trailer for its upcoming Metroid Prime: Federation Force game for the Nintendo 3DS during Nintendo Direct, but it seems to not be the Metroid game that fans were waiting for.

Marketed more as a spinoff game, Federation Force will be a fmultiplayer cooperative shooter and will be devoid of Samus Aran, the longtime heroine of the series.

Aside from the multiplayer shooty action, Federation Force will have the multiplayer mini-game Metroid Prime: Blast Ball.

Fans however aren’t too happy with the announcement, signalled by the mass downvoting of the Youtube promo video. The ability to see the down and upvotes for the trailer has since been turned off. Perhaps they’re unhappy that the game has taken too far a departure from the Metroid that has been over the last decade?

The last time a Metroid game was launched was way back in 2010, with Metroid: Other M. We’re not sure when Metroid Prime: Federation Force will be hitting the market but Nintendo states that it should come around in late 2016.