Yesterday we posted about a rumour that our very own Michelle Yeoh will be starring in Star Trek: Discovery, but now it’s been revealed that she has a pretty big role.

She will be portraying Starfleet Captain Han Bo of the U.S.S Shenzhou, a key ship in the first season of Discovery. Yeoh also confirmed the rumour, stating that CBS would likely make their own announcement in the future:

“Well, I think CBS will make their own announcement. But we all grew up with the Star Trek generation, so of course I’m a big fan.

Also, there are reports that the show’s lead, a female Lieutenant Commander, still hasn’t been filled. They are reportedly looking for an African American or Latina actor for the spot, but at the same time are looking for a fresher face as opposed to a seasoned veteran actor.

CBS hasn’t confirmed anything yet, so this could be subject to change.