Microsoft just revealed at their pre-Gamescom briefing that they will be releasing a limited “Project Scorpio” version for their Xbox One X.

The reveal isn’t that new, given that the Project Scorpio edition got leaked sometime last week. But what makes it different from a regular Xbox One X is that its box is made to look like the original Xbox and the system gets a nifty green font to go with it. Aside from that it will come with a black, graphite textured case complete with a limited edition controller that’s emblazoned with the same green font.

Internally it’s no different from a regular Xbox One X but it will retail at USD$500 (about RM2143) which is also the same as the vanilla One X.

If this doesn’t catch your eye, there will also be a Shadow of War Xbox One S bundle when the game releases 10 October, alongside a limited edition Minecraft version that’s all pixelly.

Last but not lease games like Halo 5 and Gears of War 4 are getting free 4K upgrades in the future to take advantage of the Xbox One X’s native 4K and HDR capability, with many more games to receive a similar patch.

The Xbox One X is set to drop 7 November.