Mid Valley Fire 1

Looks like there’s a major fire incident happening over at Mid Valley Megamall in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Visitors to the mall have been forced to evacuate as heavy smoke is filling up the mall.

The evacuation is said to begin around 7.30pm or earlier and it is believed that the cause of the smoke/fire originated from the food court in the south side of the mall.

Based on what we’ve been able to ascertain from people at the scene, a majority of the shopper at the mall have evacuated to the Mid Valley quadrangle and are currently milling around as most are stuck, unable to access their parked cars in the basement.

The fire department has already arrived at the scene and are attempting to put out the incident while some reports say that the sprinklers in the mall have also gone off to control the fire.

Update: Shoppers have now been allowed into the mall and the fire seems to have been extinguished. The fire is believed to have started from the food court at the lower ground floor of the mall.

Update: Shoppers are now allowed into the mall and the fire department has gotten the situation under control. The fire is believed to have originated from a convenience store in the lower ground area of the mall*. Based on the picture provided by the Fire and Rescue Department, and its location, we believe it started from the myNews store.

Mid Valley Fire 3
Photo courtesy of the Fire and Rescue Department

For those who were in Mid Valley for a movie during the time of the fire and evacuation, GSC has announced that you may apply for a refund within these 7 days.

For those of you who were there to watch a movie, GSC saya you can claim for a refund within 7 days.

This isn’t the first time Mid Valley has caught fire as a similar incident happened earlier this year in May.

Stay tuned for updates and if you’re at the scene, be safe.

*Our original post mentioned that the fire broke out at the Lower Ground foodcourt. The information is inaccurate and we have changed it