OH. MY. GOD. First, you say there’s going to be SIX more Resident Evil movies. Now, you say there’s going to be FOURTEEN more Transformers movies. Did anybody order a big steaming bag of horse sh*t? 

Last week at Cinemacon, Michael Bay was asked if he was going to make another Transformers movie. Not only did he say he’s going to make one more (this is where I began stabbing myself), but he also added that there are already 14 more stories ready to go in that Universe.

There are fourteen stories written. And there’s good stuff. So, I would like to do one of them, though.

Bay also added that there will be an Easter Egg in Transformers: The Last Knight which would connect to different things to come. Okay, let’s not freak out, just yet. Says the guy who’s already freaking out. It’s very much possible that these are just a bunch of story ideas being thrown around in the writers’ room and perhaps only one of those ideas would actually be made into a movie. That does seem like the logical explanation. Oh, who am I kidding? When has logic and Transformers ever gone hand in hand? We’re going to get not just 14, but 675 more Transformers movies.