So where is Gundam?

Taiwanese animator, Jordan Tseng created a stop motion CGI crossover featuring Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan with the 2014 Godzilla and it’s looking really epic.

The stop-motion short is a combination of CG and real toy figures which makes it quite an interesting watch. In the video, Mikasa Ackermann, the main heroine of the series is rescuing a teddy bear (which suspiciously looks like KUMA – 03 Bearguy III from Gundam Build Fighters) from getting eaten up by a wooden Titan then suddenly she is facing Godzilla. The King of Monsters made its presence known immediately via his famed atomic breath which vaporize the Bearguy right away.

Disappointingly, that’s where the video ends is  “to be continued”. In the video’s description, Jordan Tseng said that composting stage was very time-intensive and he is not sure if there will be second episode in future or not.

Check out his earlier work featuring Saber and Archer from Fate/Stay Night too.